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LDPE / HDPE sacks and bags

  • different types of bags and sacks in various sizes
  • special types of bags and sacks - shrinkable pallet bags, bags for fruit and vegetables, bags for automated packaging of bakery and frozen foods, bags with a flap and self-adhesive tape
  • types - bottom weld, welds on the sides, with bottom and side gussets, with a flap, blocked bags, shopping bags
  • bags and sacks packed in cardboard boxes or supplied in rolls (easy to tear-off, because of perforation)
  • Possible properties: shrinkability, UV stabilization (sunscreen stabilization), dyeing through, ionization, printing, anti-corrosive treatment, sliding ability (easy opening), perforation, antistatic treatment, cuts in all shapes and locations, anti-slippery lanes (better fixation of sacks and bags for transport), anti-block (easier to open even in non-slippery sheeting)